Find a Chair

Daily Devotional

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An Invitation to Find a Chair

During the days of Lent this year, as we prepare our hearts and minds for Easter, I invite you to join me in finding your own chair where you spend a few moments with Jesus each day.


I have found a book by pastor, poet, prophet - Eugene Peterson, that devotionally takes you through the life and ministry of Jesus as recorded in the gospels of Matthew and John. Titled: ‘Praying the message of Jesus’

Each day, Peterson offers a short reading from a moment in the life of Jesus as recorded in scripture, then he very craft-fully offers a concise but thought provoking, potent insight, followed by a single question to help you make a personal application, and then he provides a brief prayer you can offer.


The time you spend in the chair may be less than 5 minutes, or you can stay as long as you care to linger.


Cypress Tribe, let’s all take this journey together. Let’s see what happens not just in our lives but in our church when we all set our souls on the person of Jesus.


Our journey will start on Monday February 12 and will run up to Easter and beyond if you feel so inclined.


You can pick up a hard or an electronic copy of the book by googling:  Praying the Message of Jesus 

Or we will have a few dozen copies available to purchase in the Cypress lobby.


Pick up a copy….find a chair…get alone with Jesus every day…it won’t take long until it becomes a highlight of your day as well.

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