Blind Spot


If I have one, then by definition, I'm blind to it.  So how do I know if I have one?  Usually someone else must help me see what I cannot see.  And usually this means I have to be open to and want someone to speak truth to me.


We see what we want to see.


We Get What We Build


The health, stability, and longevity of any relationship or group is directly related to the way people chose to treat each other.


When enough decide to become takers, enrich themselves, or find advantage…the esprit de corps is weakened.


When respect, concern and benefit flow mutually…everyone wins.


The tribe we get is the tribe we build.


Waiting vs. Going


Do you wait until you are really buff to go to the gym…or do you get toned as you go?

Do you wait until you are fluent to speak a new language…or do you learn by verbalizing and stumbling over the words?

And do wait until you can swim before entering the pool…or do you get in and learn as you go?


Most things happen as you go, not as you wait. Go.


Think Cookies


No one liked the cookies.


Serve the cookies on a nicer platter next time

Offer coffee, tea or milk on the side

Change the recipe


What is it we get about cookies but we don’t get about life?

I Am or I Have


Ever think about how we talk about fear?


We say: “I am afraid”, as if it is a part of our identity or the essence of who we are.

We don’t say: “I am a fever” or “I am a headache” because we know it is only a temporary condition…something we have but not something we are.


“Right now I have a fear” is a lot different than “I am afraid”.



Old habits just bring more of the same old things.

New things call for new habits.


Old habits die hard.

New ones seem hard to establish.


Your future depends on finding and building new ones.

Your future…your decision.

Toss, Keep, Donate


One of the projects Jacque and I are tackling over Christmas break is our garage.

Reorganizing, decluttering and a fresh painting.

We’re using the “toss, keep, donate” system.

Sometimes what’s good for the garage is also good for the soul.

Less Than a Second


‘With in a split second of meeting someone they will make determinations about your IQ and social standing based entirely on your appearance’ said the article I read this week on how we humans perceive each other.


Isn’t it amazing how we make lasting judgements based on the smallest of clues?


I’ve been told that people visiting a church will decide within the first two minutes whether or not they will come back. Apparently what we experience on the surface also shapes our evaluation of the substance.


What is that old saying…”You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

What's In A Name


Sneakers; Kicks; Heels; Moccasins; Loafers; Wingtips. 


So is a shoe by any other name…still a shoe?


Names give definition. And sometimes description. 

Some are safe. Some audacious. Some great. Some inane.

A few are given. Others are earned. (Be oh so careful and wise with both.)


So what’s in a name? 

A Beautiful Mess


What a mess. What a mess we have been in for the last two months. Stabilizing our building created a rip roaring mess of dirt, dust and mud inside and out. It left us with damaged walls, floors, sidewalks and a devastated patio. Construction machinery, equipment and supplies have been blocking off our parking. Constant drilling, pounding, yelling and the noise of machinery has made it hard to concentrate. I keep reminding myself: this mess is being transformed into something beautiful…this mess is being transformed into something beautiful.

Maybe it’s a good visual for what is happening to the lives inside our building. Someone one said: “We are all hypocrites in transition. I am not who I want to be, but I am on a journey there, and thankfully I’m not who I used to be”. So, yes we are a bit messy…but it’s a beautiful mess.



We are entering Thanksgiving week and I’m reminded how powerful gratitude is in the shaping of who we are and how we live. It has been said that gratitude transforms your whole perspective about life. It will change the way you see the future, experience the present and remember the past. And for the better by the way. Which I’m sure is why the Apostle said we should “devote ourselves to being thankful” (Col.4:2).

So let me express how grateful Jacque and I are for you, the Cypress Tribe. Your love, grace, and acceptance give us a place where we can not just belong…but thrive. A place where our lives are a part of something beautiful and way bigger than ourselves. Thank you.