Monthly Contribution


Number Of Children

Automatically charges $11.25 monthly until canceled

Yearly Contribution


Number Of Children

Automatically charges $135 annually until canceled

Since 2003, Cypress has partnered with Shiloh Church in St. Louis du Nord, Haiti in the education of children. Without your help, these students simply would not get an education and many would face becoming a restavek and fall victim to human trafficking.

Your sponsorship gives each child a hope and a future.

Sponsorship funds go directly to the school and will cover a year's tuition, books and supplies, a uniform, and pay teachers’ salary.  To fully fund a child for a year, the cost is $135, and we do have monthly options available. With your donation you will receive a sponsorship card that includes the child’s name, photo, and some basic information.

Your sponsorship will follow your child(ren) throughout the course of their education up to High School. 

If you would like to make adjustments to the number of children you sponsor, you can do so by emailing Alana Stephenson at cypressmeadowschurch@gmail.com or calling Cypress Meadows Community Church at (727) 725-4570.

Thank you for the way you extend God’s love and grace to the people in Haiti!