Your giving helps fuel the giving of ourselves to serve others with the grace of God.

How to Give


   Online: You can make a one-time gift or tithe, or schedule recurring donations

using your bank account, debit or credit card. 

   You can also give at each of our weekly services using cash or check.


What is Tithing?


One of the primary ways that the Bible talks about giving is by tithing. "Tithe" means "tenth" so "tithing" is giving a tenth of everything you earn to God.


Where do my donations to Cypress Meadows go?


  1. General Operating Fund: Donations to Cypress Meadows support its General Operating Fund. This fund makes possible the day-to-day ministries and services of the church. 
  2. Special funds: Periodically, opportunities to designate a donation to a specific ministry initiative become available. Haiti Student Sponsorships and the Year-End Offering are two examples of ministry-initiative funds with specific start and end dates. To designate your contribution to a specific fund, simply indicate the name of the initiative (e.g., Haiti or YEO) on the memo line of your check or on your envelope.

Thanks for your interest in supporting the ministries of Cypress Meadows Community Church. Your financial support enables us to be God’s hands both locally and globally.