Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Cypress Meadows Community Church?

In June 1981, Douglas Poole and his wife Jacque joined up with a couple dozen other dreamers in a horse stable that had been flipped to a church. They had a dream of building a community of faith, hope and love that would become a place people could call their “home” and understand that they are worthy of love and belonging. They had no idea what God was going to do…they only knew God’s heart for people and they wanted to be a part of whatever He was up to in this world.

38 years later, Cypress Meadows has expanded to 2 large buildings, 3 services and hundreds of members. They have a homeless/under-resourced outreach program in downtown Clearwater, partner with Shiloh Church and School in Saint Louis Du Nord, Haiti where they sponsor 400+ school children, and created and support Springs of Hope Kenya orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya.

2. Where will I be able to park?

Free parking will be available at Cypress Meadows Community Church. Much of the parking will be on grass. There is a drop off location close to the main building for families and folks who can't walk longer distances. A golf cart shuttle will also be available.

Limited free parking for vehicles with proper handicap decals will be available on a first come, first serve basis. 

3. What is Bagamoyo?

Bagamoyo is a sewing project born out of Springs of Hope Kenya (SOHK), where Cypress' own Molly Waits has cultivated love and hope for vulnerable children for more than a decade. In addition to caring for 40+ orphans, director Molly and the SOHK team also desired people living with HIV to realize their futures through the promotion of fine craftsmanship, a valuable job that grants both dignity and income to marginalized families. Find out more about Springs of Hope Kenya and Bagamoyo at their website.

4. What is Bay Area Performing Arts and Casting (BAPAC)?

Bay Area Performing Arts and Casting's mission is to encourage young performers and equip them with the skills necessary to meet professional standards in the arts.

Students, age 8-20, perform throughout the year. This year, the award-winning BAPAC has performed at several events, including participating in the Tampa Bay Theatre Festival. They will partner with Central Park Performing Arts Center for several original shows and finish the first semester by traveling to a national competition in Atlanta with Frozen Jr. Team members are offered additional master classes and workshops, as well as performing and casting opportunities throughout the year.

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