Baby Dedications

So your dedication is just around the corner...

As your church family, Cypress Meadows is honored to partner with you from the very beginning of your journey as parents. We want to be a consistent source of encouragement, strength, and resources as you raise your child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Thanks again for allowing us to partner with you. We're so excited for your big day!

Step One

Below you'll find two insightful videos that we believe will be helpful as you embark on this journey. In these videos you will be given two simple assignments to complete before the dedication. Please take the the time to watch them and to engage in the assignments. 

Imagine the End

Right now is important. The crazy, overwhelming moments along the way are important. But while you’re surviving those, let's keep a bigger picture in your mind: the person that your amazing child can become!

Widen the Circle

The truth is we are all better when we invite other voices into our lives — when we widen our circle. As you’re planning who you will invite to your child’s dedication celebration, let's take a moment to reflect on whose voices you want to speak into your child's life.

NOTE: There will not be a Parent Orientation.

Step Two

We'd like to encourage you to reflect on your list from the Imagine The End video and use the goals you've listed to write a letter to your child describing for them the type of person you'd like for them to grow up to be. This letter is generally read (usually by Mom or Dad) as part of the Dedication Celebration so be sure to bring it with you.